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Phil Ashforth

Marketing Consultant


I'll help your business grow

I'm a freelance marketing consultant dedicated to seeing
your business reach its true


Hi, I'm Phil Ashforth, an experienced Marketing Consultant with a focus on business growth. 

As a business owner, 
If you are struggling to keep up with all your marketing tasks and you are not generating enough high-value sales enquiries, I can help you get your business back on track quickly.

 can fulfil a senior role in your business, yet at a much lower cost than employing, and I can hit the ground running, so your personal supervision and input are greatly minimised.

I'll help you develop a solid plan for your business, and help by driving sales and a constant flow of new leads into your pipeline. I'll grow your business - while you run your business.

I will also be the liaison point for all your digital and creative partners, coordinating all your processes with accuracy and providing full reporting of results.

Let me manage the entire process for you and make marketing one less headache for your business. 


Established in 2004, I am an expert marketing consultant, working on thousands of successful projects for hundreds of UK and international clients. I'm here to help your business achieve growth and future certainty.

Call me now on 0791 395 7160 for a no-obligation initial chat or fill out my contact form below for a call-back.

Why choose Phil?

Phil Ashforth - Freelance Marketing Consultant.jpg
  • Focusing 100% on growing your business where it matters

  • No contract, no tie-ins, no waste

  • Proven digital lead-generation experience over 1000+ clients

  • 30+ years track record of results

My purpose...

As your Freelance Marketing Consultant, my purpose is to bring you business growth methods that we can apply immediately across your products and services to increase, enquiries, quality leads and high value sales.

Your business may be at a point where internal resources are struggling to provide the cutting edge or new ideas for your business growth, meaning that sales and marketing results need immediate improvement. I can help with this.

As your Freelance Marketing Consultant, I can help your business get back to high growth performance, through the application of my extensive marketing expertise, that covers all major sectors and across all current digital marketing methods including Google PPC and Social Media advertising. 

I'll focus on the areas that matter most and contribute quickly to growing your business, overcoming uncertainty and providing you with the direction your business needs to excel in your competitive markets.

My results...

taylors 2.png

If you need marketing support at a high level, but cannot support an in-house  team then Phil at Intercept may be for you.

We found Phil and his team very commercial and able to manage our requirements for a range of related services e.g. branding and marketing communications, all with a clear quotation and at a value for money fee. Our marketing needs can be variable and Phil gives you the flexibility  to use his services  as much or as little as you may need . I would not hesitate to recommend him. Elaine Hurn, Taylors Solicitors

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