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Business Mentoring

I'll guide you to success

My personal guidance supporting you and your business

My business mentoring enables you as a business owner, to gain a laser-like view of your business, your own personal objectives & ambitions and how to overcome obstacles to achieving your goals.

This personalised support comes in the form of regular sessions over the phone or via web-chat and is based on targeted sessions in hourly increments, so you can have a very focused session, or something more in depth, as required.

My aim through our business mentoring sessions, is to be your strong supporter, to give you accountability for follow through with your agreed actions and help you overcome setbacks, be they business or personal.

Conversations are in complete confidence and I can cover ANY area of your business with an experienced and understanding shoulder to lean on.

Typical areas of Business Mentoring

  • Deciding on business direction and exit strategy

  • Achieving better work/life balance

  • Overcoming anxiety and public speaking coaching

  • Troubleshooting business problems, advice

  • Progress mapping, accountability of actions

  • Increasing personal productivity and concentration

  • Dealing with high workloads and decisions

  • Business financials and legal signposting

Book a business mentoring session - first session free

Structure your business mentoring requirements to tie in with your personal requirements. Sessions are billed in 1 hour segments, First 1/2 hour session is free and without further obligation.

Further 1 hour sessions are offered at only £250/hr + VAT with one session per month being the average frequency. Commitment & contract free, use as and when you require.

No upfront payment required, no contract or tie-ins, simply the support you and your business need, when and where you need it.

In the event of your session date and time not being available, due to workload or other unforeseen events, we will offer an alternative date and time for your session.


Why use a business mentor? 

The best way to illustrate the case for business mentoring is to tell you about a recent client, name and business are not displayed due to privacy. 

John was running a successful manufacturing business and had been alone at the helm, with a small management team, over the last fifteeen years. The business had grown steadily over the years and had expanded into larger premises, taken on more staff, and from the outside at least, things looked pretty good. 


But that said, John felt that he'd lost sight of his original purpose and drive for the business, actually forgetting sometimes why he did what he did, and feeling he'd been putting in more hours than ever, at the cost of his family and to some degree his own mental health. He sometimes felt that stress and lack of sleep were frustrating him and he admitted to feeling 'lost'.


The business was trading successful and at some point he'd been thinking exit strategy, but he felt the business still had areas where improvement was needed.


Business mentoring helped John to prioritise the needs of his business and to delegate more of his mundane tasks to his management team. He used the service as a sounding board to some of his new ideas and identified his original purpose and passion for the business.

He feels less stressed now, as he is in more control around his business, and is managing both his time and energy with more attention to the early warning signs he needs to take time out, or ask for help.


Through regular business mentoring, John does not feel so alone in his decision making and feels he has a much better handle on his future direction and how and when he'll achieve his exit strategy. We have signposted him to other professional expertise as required. 

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