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Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Although digital marketing can be very profitable in generating leads into your business, creating brand awareness and differentiating you from competitors, it can also be an expensive waste of money if not managed properly.

My digital marketing consultancy helps to direct your marketing into the right areas, so that ROI and measurability are in sharp focus and you have laser vision over your marketing expenditure and the results you are achieving.

I can help you plan your digital marketing strategy, so it's right from the outset, or I can refine your existing digital marketing activity to reduce costs and increase revenues.

My freelance digital marketing consultancy covers the following key areas:-

  • Web - increasing conversions, page actions, return visits, monetising, lead capture

  • Social media - Paid for and organic campaign strategy, channel choice, measuring results

  • PPC, Remarketing, Google and Bing - optimising results and decreasing spend/ workload

  • Email marketing - increasing audience, engagement, actions and leads/ sales

  • Brand - Improving your brand message, differentiating in your market

  • Content - On message content creating compelling and relevant engagement

Digital Marketing Audit 

My digital marketing audit is a more in depth look at your digital marketing activities, your current results and how I can make suggestions to both cut your costs and increase your digital revenues, whilst making measuring and analytics less time consuming for you.


If you feel your digital marketing activities are running a little out of control, or that you've peaked and need an additional push to get to the next level, I can help.


Call me now on +44 (0) 791 395 7160 for an initial no-obligation discussion about your digital marketing, or use the form below. 

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