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Why use a Marketing Consultant?

Many business owners use a marketing consultant to help them to create strategies for their business and to help them formulate and action marketing plans.

There can be many aspects of a business that marketing consultants can add value to, in the main, most marketing consultants will specialise in either the strategic side of the business, or they will be more hands-on, taking on the implementation side of marketing communications for the business.

Typically, a marketing consultant will help the business owner, or marketing director to find answers to the following challenges.

· How to develop products and services that have high demand and are profitable

· Developing target audiences, segmenting audiences into characteristic groups

· Developing plans for market entry, market dominance or taking on market leaders

· Forming marketing communications strategies to engage audiences

· Project managing marketing initiatives, collaborating with teams

· Analysis and measurement of financial results & reporting

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list, and there are many other areas that a marketing consultant may be engaged upon.

In some cases, marketing consultants are taken on just to tackle a specific project that has become a stubborn obstacle for the business, impeding its progress and growth.

The marketing consultant will be relied upon in such instances to be an expert counsel, giving the shareholders and directors an outside perspective of the issue and developing solutions and insights to help the business move through the particular challenge or challenges.

A marketing consultant can be a cost effective alternative to employing a senior marketing person, as they are contract based and therefore are not subject to the extra costs and commitments associated with employing a full time and permanent member of staff.

Another important aspect of what a marketing consultant can bring to any business, comes in the form of motivation. Often business owners can feel quite isolated in developing strategies and plans, the reassuring presence of the marketing consultant can bring the motivational element of accountability, as there will usually be regular catch-up meetings where what went right, and what went not as well, can be discussed and further solutions put in place.

If you have been considering using the services of a marketing consultant, ask Phil Ashforth for an initial consultation, no obligation informal chat. Call 01772 378 330 or 0791 395 7160 today

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