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What does a digital marketing consultancy do?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Digital Marketing Consultancy - Ashforth Marketing

A digital marketing consultancy will most often be employed by clients to solve digital marketing problems and to assist in developing digital marketing strategies.

The consultant, or consultants will work either on a project by project basis, or via a monthly retainer, some marketing consultants also work within their client’s premises on a longer term contract giving the client virtual exclusivity.

The digital marketing consultancy, as the name suggests, will be focused on working on digital projects, this can include a wide range of digital services, as are listed below;

· Content creation

· Blog/ Vlog outreach

· UI/ UX interface design

· Email marketing

· CRM design and implementation

· Youtube video content and editing

· Social media promotion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

· PPC Google Ads, Google Display, Remarketing, Google Shopping

· API Integration

· Influencer marketing

· Web design, sales funnels,

· On-site SEO, Off-site SEO

· Reviews, reputation management

· VR/ AI consultancy and creation

The above is not a comprehensive list, as there are many hundreds of digital services that the digital marketing consultancy can provide.

The aim of a digital marketing consultancy is to get tangible results for clients. This is usually based on financial results that are closely monitored and reported.

A digital marketing consultant will have to demonstrate that the cost for his or hers services are profitable and generating high ROI.

Although not all digital marketing consultancies will be happy to carry their client’s profit and loss responsibility, many of the best marketing consultants will be happy to put their reputations and track record on the line for clients, as they have confidence in their ability to deliver results.

If you are considering using a digital marketing consultancy, it’s a good idea to check credentials and their background in developing business through digital channels.

Good digital marketing consultants should have plenty of data to back-up their effectiveness for clients.

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