Tips for great content writing

Being the closest person to your business, gives you the experience to tell your story, but it also makes you so much more self-conscious when trying to express yourself, much more so than when you’re writing about, or for, somebody else.

Here’s a few pointers:

Firstly, to use a pugilistic reference, it’s best to start by ‘letting your hands go’ which in terms of writing that piece, means start writing ‘something’, just start.

Try not to overthink at this stage, and don’t stop just because you think it looks rubbish.

If you persevere and keep going, you’ll often find a kind of relaxation comes over you, a calm when your words begin to come ‘through you’ and nerves calm.

I often think of writing as being a bit like public speaking, (not that many of us are doing much of that at the moment) so it seems to feel less daunting shortly after you begin to start…

If you get the doc to a point where you think, ‘that’s actually not bad!’ then it can be good to run by a supportive friend or colleague, for any suggestions.

Take regular short breaks and try to write when distractions, mobile phone bings, bongs & bleeps are less likely, (I like late nights or early starts if it’s something important).

Having a voice is important in any business, especially now.

Enjoy writing!

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