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Targeting the right prospects

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Defining an ideal audience is one of the first steps we take with clients as marketing consultants, it’s true to say that the effects of the Pandemic/ Brexit have had an impact on this marketing fundamental. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and look at your prospect audience in detail, are they really the people you should be talking to? It’s very easy to rely on ageing CRM databases, or for sales teams to have their own localised data, that is becoming less effective over time, and doesn’t get a look in from management that often, if at all. Targeting the right products and services to the wrong people, makes your life in business so much harder, as you find that you’re often setting yourself up for unprofitable, off-target or at worst, toxic future relationships. The level of detail you put into matching your products/ services to an ideal prospect profile, really does make all the difference. Then you are also safe in the knowledge, that if they do convert, they’ll actually be the clients you really want in your business. Spend a bit of time looking at your data today and ask yourself what you need to do.

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