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Q4 Marketing Roundup

The Autumn months can provide the opportunity for high yielding marketing campaigns to boost new business opportunities and sales, from either new or existing prospects.

It's also a good opportunity to review your existing new business channels and to see what needs to be shelved to cut costs, whilst also investing more into what's doing well.

Google remains one of the key battlegrounds for new business generation, but we are hearing from many businesses, currently frustrated with the decreasing effectiveness of the channel for new lead generation and that it is not nearly as effective as a few years ago.

What has changed in search engine optimisation, is that obviously there are many more companies fighting for top positions, which makes it harder to rank, but also Google's own monetisation, and their content domination of the channel which means your 'top' natural ranking is actually now well below the fold on the SERP's page.

That brings us on to Pay Per Click, which can be very effective for lead generation, but also a big profit leak, if not used with the necessary expertise.

Getting a handle on your digital strategy can make Google an effective lead gen channel. But it's now a case of having your website content, SEO and paid-for efforts much more coordinated.

As Ashforth, our role is to use our Google knowledge and expertise to help businesses maximise their web presence, whilst increasing lead gen effectiveness. 

If Q4 sounds like a good time to review your digital strategy, give us a call.

New Website for Bold Communications

We have recently designed and launched a new website for market leading control room software company Bold Communications.

With a head office in Devon, Bold operate internationally supplying top Alarm Receiving Centres with their state of the art software that covers all major business sectors with a comprehensive product portfolio, including Lone Worker Protection and CCTV monitoring.

The website includes a video intro on the home page, that we shot at one of their installations in the North West. 

We have done work to ensure the website has maintained and improved where possible it's page ranking in Google, as well as optimising content for a fast and seamless user experience.

Tactics for email marketing success

Email marketing remains one of the most effective lead-gen tools for both B2B and B2C sectors, but it can be made even more effective with adding some traditional marketing methods into the mix.

- Firstly, you know that your recipients are bombarded with emails, so try to put some real effort into your content. Make your email high quality in both look and message, with a good subject line, and you'll be rewarded with higher opens, clicks and enquiries.

- As with all new business forays, timing is everything, choose a time and day to send, that you think will give you a good window (duration) of opportunity when your audiences' head is 'in the game'. Unless there's an execptional reason, sending your B2B emailer at 3 on a Friday is unlikely to yield results!

- Use your intel. You can get some good analytics from most email programs, inlcuding the social behaviour from your campaigns. Multiple openers, clicks and social shares can indicate interest, so ensure you follow up, either with a more personal email, or a call.

- Segment your best responders and send them a letter in the post. If you get this highly targeted list of addresses, a hand-written letter, with business card attached, can break through all the noise and get attention! See

If you need help devising ways to increase your outbound lead gen activities with creative answers to stubborn marketing issues, give us a call.

Here to help your marketing thrive. If you want to discuss your own marketing goals and troubleshoot problems, give us a call any time on 01772 451151 or 0791 3957160. Good luck in your Q4 Marketing.

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