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Quickly optimise Mailchimp Lists and Save Money

Here’s a quick and easy way to save money on your Mailchimp subscription, whilst optimising your lists to get maximum results in terms of opens and clicks.

It’s a simple fact that over time, you will find that a list imported to Mailchimp becomes less effective and that a proportion of recipients are effectively ignoring your mailings, or they are not getting through a firewall or being delivered to the main ‘important’ email inbox.

If you have a list with anything over 2000 subscribers, you will be paying a subscription, so it makes sense to get this as low as possible, without suffering any loss of lead-gen performance.

What we are going to do is to take out the non-active, live subscribers that are almost never going to open your sales emailers and unsubscribe them.

On Mailchimp’s own ‘contact rating’ these are typically contacts with a star rating of 2 or less, see table below…

These are the ones you are paying for, but virtually never open or click through your campaigns. Nor are likely to in the future.


Do not use this process on contacts you have just uploaded, new contacts will start with a 2 star rating as a default, until they have received campaigns and behaviour assessed, This process is for contacts older than 12 months/ with min. 5 campaigns sent to.

Here’s how to do it in Mailchimp (2018/19)

1, Log in and Open any of your lists…

2, Create a new segment, with the section highlighted in the grey bar.

3, This opens the ‘Create a segment’ section below…

4, From the 'Email Marketing Status' dropdown Select ‘Contact Rating’

5, Then in the next box ‘Is less than’ then select '3 stars'

6, Export the new segment to your desktop. Grey button RHS

7, Staying on the main lists page, from the ‘Manage Contacts’ header choose ‘Unsubscribe Addresses’ in the menu.

8, Now, from the file you exported earlier, copy and paste the email addresses into the box, as shown below:

9, You have now unsubscribed the older, '2 star' or less contacts. This will save your costs and make your future campaign results more meaningful as you will only be targeting the more responsive contacts.

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