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From backward step, to fast forward

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It's no wonder that marketing for many businesses, has taken a backward step over the last few months.

In fact, for most businesses, including myself as a marketing consultant, it's not that things have stopped, they have just changed, and we've all had to adapt to survive.

Zoom calls and maintaining a decent presence in the virtual world is not for every business owner.

Your personality and strengths may have been more suited to things pre-Covid, where you were getting out and about in person, shaking hands with clients and working on the go out of hotels or coffee shops, or airport lounges.

The changes also affect your potential clients, after all, they may well not be sat as their desk any more, waiting for your call or opening mail.

The marketing strategy you planned in 2019, suddenly looks very obsolete, almost a relic of another time!

Your sales team are having to learn the new rules of engagement, who was 'top dog' in 2019 may be a shrinking violet in the current theatre of sales.

So very interesting times in business.

In truth, I totally get it that marketing may be on the back-burner right now. It may actually be a smart move to hang fire on spend and see how this unfolds as the vaccine kicks in etc...

But if you do want to talk marketing strategy and planning ahead, as marketing consultants, we're here to help...

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