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What does 5G mean for your digital marketing?

With the rollout of 5G announced only today by EE across London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester, now is the time for marketers to ask about the opportunities 5G networks will allow and how this will shape their future digital marketing.

5G represents a huge increase in speed, so this will mean that HD video content will be much more prolific and certainly across mobile, this will mean greater enjoyment of high resolution video downloads, that would previously have been interrupted by having to buffer the content.

This represents greater opportunities, certainly across broadcast media, in that streaming of adverts and engagement driven content will be faster and more popular amongst consumers, especially for millennials who will be avid consumers of the technology.

The increase in file upload/ download speeds that 5G allows, will be immensely useful across a wide spectrum of business, allowing for much larger chunks of data to be exchanged and disseminated with ease.

5G will mean marketers can now send whole catalogues and brochures, high resolution still images, 360 degree panoramic fly through’s to customers. This can now be almost instantaneously, during personal meetings or when travelling, so that decisions and deals can be done faster, as information becomes easier to pass on digitally.

Increased capacity for downloads of whole series, boxsets, albums and podcasts give the marketing manager many extra opportunities to monetise content, and tailor it to specific target audiences.

With 5G, the use of augmented reality apps, AI and VR will increase, and the means of viewing this content will become ever more sophisticated. Marketers will find new ways to communicate and engage audiences through the faster and more intuitive networks.

For consumers themselves, 5G means more reliable connections in the future, robust enough to deliver HD 5K content without any buffering, social media use will increase in the trend for video related content to be shared and uploaded, but with much fewer limits on duration and playback limitations.

It will be some time before a full 5K rollout in the UK, but it represents an exciting opportunity for marketers to rethink the current paradigms.

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