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Planning your ideal marketing strategy

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

For many business owners, now is the time to take a good look at the marketing side of their business, and start to action plans to fill up the sales pipeline. If you're new to setting goals for your business, it's not too difficult to get going with making a basic marketing plan and it's never too late to start.

A good starting place is to evaluate the current situation of the business and get some basic criteria on which you would ike to improve. This could be number of new orders, turnover, profit, expansion of premises, new staff, new products etc.. So when you have the criteria, put a number on it, so your goal is specific and you can easily visualise what it looks like.

The next important step is to look at a timeframe for your goal and to set the initial actions in place that you will make a start on. Most business owners have a pretty good idea on where they want to be, but the next important step is to think of WHY you want the targets you have set. Write down what these things mean to you and what you will get out of it on a personal level. Still not feeling motivated by your goals?

Just review in a day or so until you have a small set of goals that have a stronger meaning for you, it will power the action you need to take to see them through. Take a look at your business goals on a daily basis, make it the first thing you do in your day. Don't be afraid to edit and shape the vision as you go along - in writing your business goals down you will have a strong reminder of where you are going, why you're doing it and when you'll get there.

The last thing is to get your thinking in terms of already having the things you have asked for. You will be amazed at how things take shape when you put it all together. Good luck for a brilliant year!

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