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Covid & your branding

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

So much has changed over the last few months, it’s definitely having a knock-on effect on branding and messaging, as pre-Covid times look like a different world we were living in. It seems very strange now, looking at people in the Isle of Man yesterday, enjoying a pint, not wearing masks and standing closely next to each other in groups. What’s that got to do with your branding? It was only the other day, looking through a client’s website that I was thinking that so many images, handshakes, small tightly packed meetings, gatherings in coffee shops etc. need a review to match in with current times, or should we just hold out, now we have a vaccine rollout? It definitely then leads on to looking at the current narrative on communications, some of it just doesn’t ring true now, in light of where we are with Covid and Brexit etc. So a lot to review and systematically change, and also being empathetic to the different expectations of audiences in light of recent events. Wants and needs have had a paradigm shift in as little time as a year, successful marketers are learning the new rules and adapting clients’ offers to what’s likely to be ahead.

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