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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It's now time to get your sales and marketing machine back up to speed, to build new client relationships, growth and profit, and squeeze as much as you can out of the remainder of 2019.

Brexit and a potental No Deal doesn't have to affect your ability to market your business, in fact, holding back and going into a defensive shell is probably the worst thing you can do.

What is far better, is to adapt your marketing strategy and ensure your are offering up plenty of offensive options to keep your sales pipelines full. 

Planning for a period of business growth doesn't have to be complex or too onerous, it's simply about headlining the main areas of activity that will have the greatest impact on results, then breaking this down into scheduled tasks with people assigned responsibility to deliver on each area.

This is where our outsourced service can be useful, for helping you as a business owner identify WHAT to do, and to then specify HOW we are going to make it happen.

The process for business growth can often be collaborative and as an outside partner, we bring strategic expertise, project planning and implementation when required.


Business growth needs to be measured often and carefully, so that return on investment can be clearly evaluated and we can see that the results are as a direct result of our marketing actions, rather than due to some other outside coincidental market force, i.e. a competitor going out of business.

At Ashforth, when we work for clients on delivering marketing implementation, we give concise, clear reports on the marketing activity, budgets and results achieved, usually via a regular personal on-site marketing meeting with the key team members, so that our strategy and implementation plan are always kept on track.  

What's most important is that you avoid strategic drift and potential profit leaks by constantly coming back to your measurement metrics, and making necessary adustments to ensure you are on track for expected growth.


Even in the current economic and political uncertainty, it's a wise investment to keep your marketing on the offensive and not be completely, or even partially paralysed.

The benefit of the many digital tools we are able to utilise, is that the feasibility is quick to evaluate, i.e. we can see if a marketing strategy 'has legs' before investing any real cash into pursuing it further.

If now is the time for you to max up your Q4, prep for a record 2020, and you'd like a fresh view on your marketing approaches to achieve it, call Phil Ashforth any time on 0791 395 7160. 

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