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Are you holding back on your marketing?

Marketing Consultant - Phil Ashforth - Read the article here

Is it time to regain momentum?

Understandably, in the current uncertain economic climate, you may be putting off your marketing initiatives and waiting to see what happens. 

It's something that we've noticed trending, probably back to late last year, in terms of new business across quite a few sectors, and something that's affecting many businesses out there at the moment. 

None of us are in isolation, and the effects of Brexit and the general political chaos we find ourselves in at the moment, are stalling the progress for many.

That's not to say some sectors are not bouyant, but as marketing consultants we're usually a good barometer, as we have many connections across industry and commerce.

You would expect us, as marketing consultants, to say, go ahead, marketing's important, you should be getting out there and marketing your business with confidence...

...But we understand reality. When your customers have slowed down payments, when your outlook is unclear and you're confidence is lower, it's just sanity to close down your costs and marketing is an easy one to hit early. 

What we are saying, is that if for you and your business,  when you feel the time is right, (it may not be right now). But when it is and you sense the opportunity.

We are here to help you get it right first time, ensuring you squeeze the very most out of your marketing results.

Being one of the first back to power up your marketing efforts, when the time is right, can have obvious advantages, not least, the fact that if those around you, your competitors, are hesitating, you have much more to go at, and have a louder voice in your market.

Everything changes in business, over the last 15 years we've seen it all, even if today's situation is unprecedented, which it is. But it will move on and we'll all get a sense of being back on track again.

If you'd like to chat through your current or future marketing goals and with no obligation expected or implied, give me a call now on 0791 395 7160 or reply to this message. 

Meet Phil Ashforth

I am a top UK marketing consultant with experience & success across many sectors and too many business niches to mention here. I bring knowledge, passion and creativity to help my clients excel both in marketing, business and on a personal level. 

When not at work, I am to be found doing military boot camp, half marathons, obstacle courses, I am also a musician playing drums, acoustic guitar and performing at open mic nights. 

I bring my stamina, fitness and creativity to add the 'extra' ingredient to ensure my clients' also have a winning mentality. 

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